Ed Martin Uses Phyllis Schlafly’s Name to Ridicule Trump Appointee

Acting Eagle Forum president Eunie Smith condemns statements from emabattled conservative Ed Martin and other knee-jerk critics of outgoing RNC chairman Reince Priebus whom President-elect Donald Trump recently named to be his Chief of Staff.

In addition to claiming that Priebus “failed to lead,” Martin also cited a three-year-old column written by Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly who died last September 5.  That column criticized the infamous RNC “autopsy” presented in the wake of the Republican defeat in 2012.  This controversial analysis recommended that the GOP retreat from social issues and pursue a more moderate course to attract voters.  Schlafly went on to encourage the party to hold fast to its pro-family, conservative ideals.  The platform passed at the Republican National Convention in 2016 did just that.

“The Phyllis Schlafly with whom I worked closely for more than 40 years would be thrilled with Priebus’ leadership,” said Mrs. Smith.  “He withstood tremendous pressure to abandon the conservative grassroots movement and he helped lead the party to victory by working tirelessly on a state-of-the-art ground game.”

“We conservatives must embrace those who have come alongside us, give credit where credit is due and continue to voice our concerns and hold leaders accountable to conservative principles set forth in the Republican platform.”

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