Ed Martin Uses Phyllis Schlafly’s Name to Attack Pro-Life Women

(November 3, 2016) Calling it “unthinkable,” acting Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith harshly criticized Ed Martin’s attacks on US. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) and Ann Wagner (R-MO) late in the 2016 campaign. According to public records, Martin’s “Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle PAC, which he formed the day Phyllis Schlafly died, is spending money to “oppose” the two conservative congresswomen.

“Barbara Comstock and Ann Wagner are two of the strongest female pro-life voices in Congress and both are running against stridently pro-abortion Democrats,” said Eunie Smith, acting president of Eagle Forum. “It is unthinkable that an organization using Phyllis Schlafly’s name would ever do such a thing. Phyllis would have never helped Planned Parenthood-supported candidates over pro-life, Republican women.”

Smith, who had worked with Schlafly for over 40 years, also pointed out that people are confused as to who is sponsoring the attacks on Comstock and Wagner. For example, prominent conservative Erick Erickson initially reported on his blog, “The Resurgent,” that Eagle Forum was responsible for the attacks because Martin has chosen a name that suggests involvement by Phyllis Schlafly and the organization she founded. Erickson has since corrected his post, which can be seen here.

“I am particularly troubled that Martin seems to be intentionally misleading people to believe that he is speaking on behalf of Eagle Forum. He is not,” Smith said.

Last month, a temporary restraining order issued by a circuit court in Madison County, Illinois ordered Martin suspended from his role as Eagle Forum President. In its ruling, the court inserted Smith as acting President and Anne Schlafly Cori as acting Chairman of the Board. Martin formed the Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle PAC which has no relationship with Eagle Forum whatsoever.

“To think that some people may believe that Eagle Forum would countenance campaign attacks against pro-life women troubles me greatly,” Smith said. “I am beyond saddened to see Phyllis’ great name and legacy attached to such an effort.”


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