Eagle Forum Establishes Website to End Confusion

In the weeks since a Madison County, Illinois, judge suspended Ed Martin as president of Eagle Forum, the level of confusion as to the organization’s future has been clouded by intentionally deceptive messages from Martin, who has adopted a dizzying array of new “titles” aimed at confusing the grassroots.  To answer the myriad of untrue statements, Eagle Forum has launched a website, www.eagleforumtruth.com, to set the record straight.

“For months now, Ed Martin and his handful of allies have been putting out false claims against the nationwide grassroots leaders of Eagle Forum,” said Eunie Smith, acting president of Eagle Forum.  “In order to carry on the effective legacy of Phyllis Schlafly, it is important that conservatives know the truth.”

Martin, who is no longer president of Eagle Forum, has confused the issue by claiming a multiple number of “presidential” titles over the past several weeks.  They include:

  • Ed Martin, president, Eagle Forum
  • Ed Martin, president, Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund
  • Ed Martin, president, Phyllis Schlafly’s American Eagles
  • Ed Martin, president, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum Fund
  • Ed Martin, president, America’s Future, Inc.

“Ed Martin has gone out of his way to deceive dedicated, grassroots conservative leaders,” Smith said.  “The establishment of this website will provide a trusted source of information to combat all of the erroneous information that has been spread.”

The website includes personal testimonials from several of the Eagle Forum Board of Directors, many of whom have known and worked with Phyllis Schlafly for decades.  There is also a section called “Claims and Facts,” which sets the record straight on a host of false claims made against the leaders of Eagle Forum.

“It is our strongest desire to continue to build Eagle Forum according to the model established by Phyllis Schlafly,” Smith said.  “Eagle Forum is about conservative principles, grassroots volunteers, and focused public policy objectives.  May God grant us the vision to influence this nation once again.”

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