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The women who found themselves locked in mortal combat with Martin are now regrouping. Their attorney, Erik Solverud of Spencer Fane, says they have still not gotten full access to the website or email list, despite the judge’s order. A full month later, Martin was still appearing on Fox News as “president of Eagle Forum.”

“This level of disregard is shocking but altogether not surprising,” Solverud says. “Because Plaintiffs control the Eagle Forum Board, Mr. Martin’s only strategy seems to be delaying and defying the orders of the Madison County Court. I have truly never seen anything like this.” (Martin denies that and notes that he is trying to get Solverud’s firm removed from the case.)

The board members are trying, at long last, to look to the future. Way back in April, they set up a presidential search committee, but were stymied by their lack of control of the organization’s bank accounts. Now they again have the ability to spend, and they’re eager to hire a new leader. “What we’d like to do is move on,” says Eunie Smith.

And what of Ed Martin? For as hard as he’s fought to keep control of Eagle Forum, today he insists it’s just one piece of Schlafly’s empire. Sure, it’s the organization with the name recognition, but Schlafly was “a serial entrepreneur,” he says, listing other entities she founded. He plans to continue her work with or without the Eagle Forum.

And it’s not just her work, either.

On November 3, as the postscript to a message from Schlafly blasted out to an email list he still controls, Martin attached a coy note.

“Exciting news for after the election,” Martin wrote. “Last week, Maj. Gen. Jack Singlaub, US Army (ret.) asked me to step up to lead America’s Future, Inc. which is our nation’s oldest conservative organization. I accepted and will be working with him to highlight our important work. Click on this link to find out more!”

Clicking the link reveals an organization with a long history, albeit one largely unknown to today’s conservatives. The St. Louis non-profit boasts numerous radio programs and pamphlets. Its secretary, until this summer, was none other than Phyllis Schlafly.

But perhaps more important than its output is its balance sheet. America’s Future Inc. has assets totaling $2.6 million, according to its most recent tax return – and annual expenses of just $59,000.

And its president, Jack Singlaub?

He’s 95.

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